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About This Website

DonMarquis.com combines the online efforts of Jim Ennes and John Batteiger. Jim created the Internet’s first Don Marquis page, in early 1995, and John posted an Archy and Mehitabel page a few months later, in October. DonMarquis.com went online May 10, 2002, and we’re still not finished tinkering with it.

Jim Ennes is a Marquis namesake. His full name is James Marquis Ennes, Junior, and he traces it back to Walnut, Illinois, where his grandparents were neighbors of the Marquis family in the late 1800s. Don’s father was Dr. James Marquis, a beloved local physician, and the senior James Marquis Ennes was given the doctor’s name out of friendship and respect. Jim lives near Seattle.

John Batteiger discovered “archy and mehitabel” in high school and never forgot those tales of lowercase genius. He read other books by Marquis as he pursued his own career as a newspaper reporter and editor, and he chose a handful of Archy sketches to fill out his first, rudimentary Web page. John was born and raised in Cleveland and created this website while living in San Francisco. He now lives in New York City.

Except when identified otherwise, all text on this website was written by John Batteiger, who claims copyright protection.

Permission to reproduce information from this site is granted for noncommercial purposes, but a reference or link to the site would be appreciated. This is a private, not-for-profit endeavor, and this website is made available in the spirit of the early Internet, when sharing information was more important than charging an access fee.

Please send questions, comments and corrections to John Batteiger, the site’s editor, or to Jim Ennes.

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