Welcome to the New DonMarquis.com

Hello world.

You’re looking at a redesigned and expanded DonMarquis.com web site, which goes live today, Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011. The site has a fresh new look and lots of new content, including a scrolling display of aphorisms on the home page and a blog that will be updated frequently with stories from Don’s rich life and extraordinary imagination. Most of the photos and drawings added to the site are making their first appearance online; some haven’t been published in more than 100 years.

DonMarquis.com homepage, 2002-2011.

DonMarquis.com homepage, 2002-2011.

The blog is a handy vehicle for sharing some fascinating tidbits that were lost to history until now. It draws on 10 years of research incidental to my work on a full, descriptive bibliography of Don’s publishing history — an effort (still ongoing) that has taken me to research libraries across the United States and countless web pages hidden in the far corners of the Internet. But these aren’t dusty stories fit for an encyclopedia entry. They are flashes of wit and warmth and life from a clever man who, in the words of Christopher Morley, “was, in his own circle, the best loved man of his time.”

This marks the third version of this web site, which first appeared online in October 1995. Many thanks to web programmer Kai Christiansen, who designed this version and engineered its construction using open-source WordPress software.

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One thought on “Welcome to the New DonMarquis.com

  1. gmcneeley

    I’ve had fun on your site today. I especially enjoy your blog. So much of Don’s I haven’t read. I’m preparing for a show at James Madison U. Pulling all the pieces together in an order that makes sense. My newest thought is to have Don as the narrator instead of me. What are you thoughts on that?
    More Anon,

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