Don Marquis Weekend on Governors Island!

Officers quarters on Governors Island

Officers quarters on Governors Island

It’s official: July 29-30 is Don Marquis Weekend at the Empire State Center for the Book‘s summer home on Governors Island, that glorious new park in New York Harbor between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The Center for the Book, the group behind the New York State Writers Hall of Fame, has been given one of the former officers quarters on Governors Island for the entire summer It is allowing groups representing writers, illustrators, booksellers and publishers to use the space on weekends.

July 29 is Don’s birthday, so the timing is perfect. There will be displays of his books, of course, along with photographs, letters, clippings, postcards and movie posters. We plan to show several movies — “The Cruise of the Jasper B” (1926, silent), “Good Old Soak” (1937) and “Shinbone Alley” (1971, animated) — either by projection on a wall or from an iPad. And we’re hoping to present a performance or two. (Details TK.)

Other ideas? Please join in the planning — and please be a volunteer that weekend. It will be a fun time, with material support provided by the Don Marquis Double Scotch and Prohibition Society!

Need we mention that July 29-30 would be a perfect weekend for out-of-towners to visit New York? Make your travel plans now!