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By John Batteiger
Copyright (c) 2015

JULY 29, 1878: Don Marquis born in Walnut, Bureau County, Illinois, the seventh child of James S. and Elizabeth Marquis.

FALL 1896: Attends Knox College Academy for three months.

1900: Moves to Washington, D.C., to take job at U.S. Census Bureau.

JUNE 8, 1909: Marries Reina Melcher in Atlanta.

NOVEMBER 1909: Moves to New York City.

NOVEMBER 7, 1915: Son Robert Stuart Marquis born Nov. 7.

MARCH 30, 1916: First mention of Archy in The Sun Dial column in The Evening Sun.

FEBRUARY 15, 1921: Son Robert dies.

DECEMBER 29, 1937: Don dies at his home in Forest Hills, Queens, New York.



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